Why is the USB C Quickly Gaining Popularity?

Ever since Apple decided to buck the trend and allow their Apple MacBook Pro to be charged by USB as opposed to a standard power supply, USB C has gained traction. More companies than ever are now incorporating it into their devices, and it is likely to become the ‘standard’ a few years from now. Let us tell you about a few of the benefits with a USB C Cable.


If you want fast data transfer, then USB Type C is the route to go down. This specification of USB cables offers USB 3.1 technology. This offers a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps. This is double what USB 3.0 brought to the table. Sure, it is unlikely that the individual user will ever need a data transfer rate that high but, let’s be honest, that is blazingly fast.

Data And Power Transfer At the Same Time

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Charger and the USB C MacBook Pro charger both utilize a USB C Cable for one reason. It is because it is powerful. Standard USB technology (i.e. the normal type that you are familiar with on your computer) puts out 2.5 watts of power. This is alright if you are charging a phone slowly or something. However, as battery technology and phone technology improves, this is not enough to keep your device charging quickly, while at the same time ensuring that it does not lose charge due to the slow speed. This is where USB type C comes into play.

With USB C, you will be enjoying 100 watts of power. The major benefit of this is that you can charge your gadgets quicker. In addition, USB C technology can be used to transfer data while charging your devices down the same cable at the same time.

As USB C gains more popularity, it is likely that you will find it being used to charge most electronic devices. While it is limited to the computers, smartphones and tablets at the moment, we have no reason to doubt that eventually it could be used to charge just about every electronic device you have in your home.

Lastly, USB C has been configured in such a way that it can send and receive power!

Becoming The Standard

The comfort of having only a USB C Cable to charge all your electronics into any USB port. In the past, technology companies steered clear of generic charging systems by prioritizing chargers to generate that extra income. Those days are long gone (thankfully!). If USB type C continues to gain traction, and it will do, then you could feasibly just use a single charging cable for everything in your home! Well, everything that has USB C functionality.

Reversible Design

Finally; You never have to mingle with which direction you need to plug into charge your device as USB C is designed to be reverse compatible so don't worry just plug it any direction.


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